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Testimonial from Robin M

Testimonial from Robin M

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer it was one of the most confusing and overwhelming times in my life. Most doctors had a different opinion about how to treat my disease. Dr. Shayne helped me to be more proactive with questions for the doctors, as well as to investigate and educate myself about the treatments and medications I was taking. The knowledge I gained helped me to feel more confident with making decisions for myself. She never told me what to do, but instead helped to empower me to make choices with greater wisdom.

In a very supportive, encouraging way she helped to enlighten me to make changes with the way I eat and LIVE in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. In general, I had more energy, and lost weight without trying! As time went on I began to feel so much better physically,mentally and emotionally. It became a time for personal spiritual growth as well.

Dr. Shayne’s quest to help heal those battling health is done with great passion, intelligence and wisdom of her own. She has been a Godsend to me and I believe a vital part of my healing process! She is a gift to those who listen.

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